China Fuzhou Zhenlan Crane Boxing Tao Australia & Jinfeng Yongchun White Crane Research Asssociation

About Us

Traditional, I mean original White Crane is all but a lost art ........

In a sea of disinformation, it’s always refreshing and exciting to access “the real deal”.

Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to locate those rare teachers who exhibit profound skill in both practice and transmission of the art.

It can be harder still to spend any significant amount of time training with them. Even today, only a handful of masters scattered around the globe can teach authentic White Crane, and they often only teach the critical elements of training to members of their own families, or to their innermost disciples.

Worse yet, many who can perform the art correctly are simply unable to transmit it effectively. 

We are different in that we have been extremely blessed to have had the guidance of Masters Ruan Dong, Lee Kong, Su YingHan, Master Lin Yuan Dun and Master YiJun Zheng…. All the “Real Deal!” so we can now proudly say you will learn the original essence of White Crane on a practical level, grounded in tangible, personal experience.


As per Traditional Chinese Martial Tradition there are no gradings. Each person progresses based upon their own learning, understanding, ability at their own pace.


Ours is a Jiāquánguǎn 家拳館  "Home Fist Guan" because training is always done at home, in a Private "Closed Door" Training Hall and never in the open.

In former times before overt commercialism had watered down the martial arts the prospective student had to apply to the teacher to consider to be taught. 

We operate traditionally not as a modern commercial facility or as a business that openly accepts any and all comers who have the Dollar$. Only personally selected students are taught.


Those selected can expect to access the highest quality instruction available. We do not have visitors. We do not offer "short courses". We do not teach anyone who is not a member. Our students are here to trai and achieve their own individual maximum potential. This is not a "Hobby-Art" when you come and go as you please!  We only teach the undiluted and unpolluted true art to selected students, those who really want to learn.

This means that those people who exhibit arrogance, bad manners, dishonesty or an aggressive attitude or who are seeking to bolster their own ego's, seeking power, fame or to impress others yet who won't train and contribute to ther own growth as individuals are not welcome at our schools.

We follow the Chinese Tradition of interested prospective students applying for membership.

If we decide to accept the applicant then training can commence. The IWCA teaches the Original White Crane method of Life-Protection. A unique and highly systematic and natural currriculum covering the complete White Crane art is offered to selected students. Students advance through appropriate commitment, effort, attendance and attitude.

The first trial lesson is free and offers double advantage. It allows you to “try before you buy”. 

You may have been expecting something different. You may decide our art is not for you. We don't care as we are here for the art and to make people better as individuals and to contribute to their personal growth and self-worth, not to pander to ego's!

It’s great if you decide you want to join our school! Its  great if you don’t! We don't want you wasting your time and ours. We only want people training with us who really want to, are suitable and are committed to our way of doing things. From our point of view the trial term lessons are required, because we are not a public club open to all and sundry, we want to see whether you are suited to learning the Art. You decide if you want to learn and We decide if we want to teach you.

A trial term of lessons enables a better decision to be made as to whether the applicant has found what they seek or for us not to accept an applicant. The first lesson is free.


Our White Crane revolves around the Traditional Chinese Martial Sciences (TCMS) of Dian Xue & Dim Mak or the science of attacking nerve and vascular areas of the human body. In this we are honoured to have Master Liming Yue as our Advisor. Master Yue is a master of the arts of the famous village of Chenjiagou

Master Liming Yue

IWCA Dim Mak (Dian Xue) originates from two strands, the first being from the WTBA Dim Mak and the second from Chenjiagou. This method incorporates everything from incapacitating an attacker using the points and manipulations right through to lethal effect depending on how you choose to use it. At the same time because both lineages have a prestigious history of both martial skills and healing the IWCA incorporates both.

As a student of IWCA you will become part of this genuine lineage of Masters that can be traced way back in history. With the direct authority of his Masters, Shifu Ron Goninan shares this invaluable knowledge to martial artists around the world.

In martial arts there are often certain gaps in the art which have never been passed down. IWCA fills that gap and answers those questions which you have always wanted to know. The missing skills that the Masters of old would never share until the time of their death when they would pass on the teachings to only their most senior student. The IWCA Dim Mak can be added to any art irrespective of origin. The course is open to those wishing to learn and open up a whole new world of skill within their own martial art.


The White Crane found within the IWCA system represents the  final stage of White Crane Boxing, embodying of all the principles contained in the Sleeping, Flying, Eating, Shaking and Calling Crane forms.

It is an extemely practical art designed for mid to close-range fighting using energetic offensive attacks and counter-attacks. It uses soft yet highly powerful  shaking energy transmission known as inch power in every movement.

We within the IWCA have closely studied the very rare ancient texts of White Crane in order to embody the spirit, essence nd techniques of the original.

Staying true to Original White Crane, the art has very few techniques and only two forms so it is fast to learn and highly effeciant and personal life protection.

Being designed for a time when combat was paramount, the art is pared down to its most applicable and practical level, making it easy and fast to learn and apply.